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I am nearing completion of my life story autobiography and in the process of finding a publisher


I have done many exciting things most men only dream of doing.. And I lived to write about it.

bulletThe fact that the Death Riders movie has already been made based on part of my life adds credibility to my book.

This is the story of my incredible life and includes the Good, the Bad & the Ugly things that happened to me. I have tried hard to accurately portray the people in my book as the unique special and sometimes wonderful characters they were and how they affected my life.

My story includes multiple murders that touched my life.  In addition there is my time spent visiting a leper colony, friendís drug and alcohol addiction, racing motorcycles and cars, my motorcycle thrill show, violence, grizzly bear encounter, crime, sex, history, humor, colorful characters, sadness and just for fun stuff too. YOU or your parent or Grandparent may be in this book.


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