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1971 WI State Fair

A perfect day

Aerobatic flying 1978

1st asphalt win 1974 at Francis Creek WI

Near Green Bay

1st win in a car 1974

Ted #3 at Aztalan 1973

Leading the main

Aztalan Motocross 1973

Charleston IL 1971 Thrill Show jump

Great Lakes Dragway 1972

Great Lakes Drwagway 1971

Milwaukee Summerfest Motordrome 1970

I did this for 2 days and nights

Plymouth WI 1/4 mile dirt track 1974

I was there every Saturday night. Made money and won Rookie of the Year.

My jump promo picture that I sold at events.

Winning the main at Santa Fe on 9-15-68

This was the only day motorcycle race there

Short track win 1972

Leading the Expert main TT on my American Eagle 405cc

This was a fast torquey bike

Wis State Fail 1971

Wisconsin State Fair 1971

Wis State Fair 1971

Walworth County Fairgrounds 1971

Elkhorn WI AMA Pro half mile.

I raced and jumped.

Made money.

Last jump at Rice lake WI

Broke ribs and sternum. Cut my inner lips from impacting the ground. Sold more autographed pictures than ever before.

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